Maulikraj Shrimali

Maulikraj Shrimali is a dramatist, director, scholar, and Dalit artist-activist from India. He established the ‘Whistle Blower Theater Group’, an anti-caste theater troupe that uses a range of dramatic approaches to examine social and political issues in India.

He has written, directed, and performed plays that deal with issues including caste and gender inequality, communal violence, as well as rights of tribal communities for land, water, forests, and identity. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from H K Arts College, a master’s degree in development communication from the State University of Gujarat, and an MPhil in Diaspora studies from the Central University of Gujarat. His main areas of study are the theater techniques and educational strategies employed by the caste-oppressed people of South Asia.

He is looking at anti-caste and anti-race performances, diaspora theater communities, and protest arts to better understand the global oppressed theater movement. Caste studies, practice-based action research, social change and activism, Diaspora studies, Indigenous studies, Development Communication Studies, autoethnography, and self-transformation are some of his areas of interest. He is also a co-founder and editorial director of the anti-caste Indian publication firm “Lokvacha Publication.” He has also received a Mellon Cluster Fellowship to study “Comparative Race and Diaspora Studies.