Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence, Sri Vamsi Matta, Fall of 2023 through Spring of 2024

Upcoming Residency: Sri Vamsi Matta

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts and the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures are pleased to welcome multi-hyphenate performer, theatre practitioner, and playwright Sri Vamsi Matta to campus for the 2023–2024 academic year through the Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program.

Vamsi’s residency includes a 3-credit course in Fall 2023, Whose Art Is It Anyway? Explorating Folk Performance from South Asia. This course examines art through the social, personal, political, and spiritual aspects of one’s life and society through South Asia cultural and performance practices. The residency will also include performances, workshops, and cross-departmental and community collaborations.

About the Artist

Sri Vamsi Matta headshot

Sri Vamsi Matta, or simply Vamsi, is a Bangalore-based Theatre and Visual artist. His practice is influenced by his Dalit identity, experience and location. Dalit is the political identity of communities formerly known as “untouchable” and considered the lowest within the Hindu Caste System, and thus oppressed by its discriminatory scriptures, social structures and norms. The identity, and histories of his community and family, inform the questions, topics and mediums that Vamsi engages with through his work. As a student of science, Vamsi’s work is rooted in rigorous research. As the child of a writer, he has grown up around stories and finds that they are his route to not only entertain and educate but to organize people and challenge hegemonic and oppressive structures of power.




The 2023–2024 Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program is presented by the UW–Madison Division of the Arts and the Department of Asian Languages & Cultures.