Everyday Alchemy

This event has passed.

Lathrop Hall, Room B101
@ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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A theatre workshop exploring identity through everyday objects and interpersonal relationships. We will be using embodying exercises, improv theatre techniques, theatre exercises in this 2 hour workshop understanding identity. This will be helpful for art practitioners, writers, researchers and anyone curious about how one’s identity is part of your day to day.

Workshop facilitated by Sri Vamsi Matta and Maulikraj Shrimali. RSVP here. Pre workshop instructions : Bring a minimum of one object from your world. The object which you feel belongs to you, your history, your ancestry, your oppressor, or anything you feel close to yourself. Wear comfortable clothes for the workshop. There is no need for previous theater experience.

Maulikraj Shrimali (he/him) is a dramatist, director, scholar, and Dalit artist-activist from India. He is doctoral student in department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University, USA. He established the ‘Whistle Blower Theater Group’ in Gujarat, India. His practice and scholarship approaches to develop the anti caste performative tactics and pedagogy to challenge the brahmanical hegemony. His body art works and scholarship explores the identity formation, performativity and resistance in everyday life of caste oppressed. He is also a co-founder and editorial director of the anti-caste Indian publication firm “Lokvacha Publication.” He has also received a Mellon Cluster Fellowship to study “Comparative Race and Diaspora Studies.”