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Spring 2024 Course with Marlon Hall

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The Division of the Arts’ Arts Residency Programs bring innovative and diverse artists to the University of Wisconsin–Madison for semester-long, academic year-long, and short-term residencies. Visiting artists bring their expertise to campus arts programs, open opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations, expand students’ horizons, and engage with campus and Madison communities.

Current Residencies

Sri Vamsi Matta

Sri Vamsi Matta, (Vamsi, he/him), is a Bangalore-based theatre actor, writer, and director. His practice is influenced by his Dalit identity, experience, and social location.

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Marlon Hall

Marlon F. Hall is an artist and anthropologist whose work is rooted in social practice and grown from anthropological listening. Marlon integrates community engagement and storytelling as a process for cultivating healing in com

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Laura Anderson Barbata

Laura Anderson Barbata is a transdisciplinary artist currently based in New York and Mexico City. Her work often combines performance, procession, dance, music, spoken word, textile arts, costuming, papermaking, zines and protest.

Laura Andeson Barbata standing in her studio, showing off some of her work, composed of costumes created from dark and textured fabrics and other materials.


  • Final Event Announced for UW–Madison Division of the Arts’ Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residence, Sri Vamsi Matta

  • Enrollment opens soon for the spring 2024 semester! Learn more about the course, “From the Door at the Center of a Table.”

  • In case you missed it, here’s a taste of Come Eat With Me, a performance piece that unpacks questions of oppression and solidarity, grief and joy, and the everyday victories of the human spirit in the face of structural injustices.

Arts Residency Events

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Thank you for your interest. The call for proposals for IARP at 25 is now closed. Check back soon for new opportunities.